Lose Weight with Mindful Eating

Many of us can follow a diet or weight-loss plan for a period of time, before we start feeling restricted. Then we resort back to our old eating habits, which often involve overeating when we're stressed or eating purely for enjoyment, rather than because we're hungry.

Mindful eating is a useful way to help prevent you from overeating and it will almost certainly improve your relationship with food.

The practice of mindful eating can be applied before you even start putting food on your plate. Think carefully before you prepare your food. Ask yourself how hungry you are and how much you need. If you're the kind of person who eats everything on their plate, because you hate the thought of wasting food, then consider using a smaller plate if you're not too hungry. Before you load food onto a plate because it's breakfast or lunchtime, check in with your body. Don't just eat out of habit, or because it's lunchtime.

Ask yourself if you're genuinely hungry. Many of us have complex issues with food and often rely on it to self-medicate for comfort when we're stressed. Sometimes it's tempting to overeat when we have something to celebrate, or we may use food to help us unwind. We enjoy it at the time, but afterwards it's easy to feel guilty. If you're a comfort eater and rely on food to cope with stress, you could try meditation techniques to calm down instead.